France's official superfood is...
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Cheese, Obviously

Cheese, Obviously

Chia seeds must be soaked, matcha must be whisked, and kale, apparently, must be massaged. But cheese? Unwrap, slice, place in mouth, repeat. "But," you're thinking, "cheese is unhealthy, duh." Au contraire: according to this somewhat flimsy bit of nutritional  science, cheese is basically a superfood. Below, three kinds that will help elevate your cheeseboard to I Used To Live in Paris status, and get you that svelte fromage-body you've always wanted. Just in time for swimsuit season!

In Paris? Sample all the above cheeses (including our favorite: the indecent, oozing truffled Brillat-Savarin) at Le Comptoir des Recettes, 7 Avenue Trudaine, 75009. (Tip: tell them Andres sent you.)
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