Croissants, coffee, and this email
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Go French Yourself
Coffee, croissant, and 3 Sunday morning reads

Coffee, croissant, and 3 Sunday morning reads

You: Garçon! 
Garçon: Oui, mademoiselle?
You: Je suis so sad.
Garçon: But why, mademoiselle? C'est le weekend!
You: Have you seen the news lately? C'est so depressing.
Garçon: Vous êtes just #hangry, mademoiselle. Can I get you a croissant? A café au lait?
You: Both, please. And something a little more fun to read, s'il vous plaît.

Read Joan Juliet Buck's Au Revoir to All That on

Read Ta-Nehisi Coates's 'There Are No Fat People in Paris' on The Atlantic.

Read Rosie J Spinks's Banishing my fear of bread on The Pool.

Main photo credit: Mark Segal for Louis Vuitton.
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