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Coco vs. Christian

Coco vs. Christian

"Dior doesn't dress women," once growled Coco Chanel. "He upholsters them." 

Context, please: in 1947, a young new designer named Christian Dior unveiled his first ever couture collection to the public. Named 'Corolle' for the bell-shaped flare of petals that surrounds certain flowers, Dior lifted bosoms, cinched in waists (with corsets, no less), and poufed out skirts with taffeta and tulle. To Chanel, patron saint of pants, it all seemed too stiff, too fussy, too hard to breathe in.

Dior's admirers loved the romance and femininity of his designs. Chanel fans were keener on things like modernity and being able to move their arms. Et toi? Team Dior, or Team Chanel? Below, your quickstart guide to each.

Team Dior: Watch this, read this, see this.
Team Chanel: Watch this, read this, wear this.
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