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Go French Yourself
Parisian Chic Made Spicy

Parisian Chic Made Spicy

You could top your Breton stripes with a metallic bomber jacket, or jazz up your LBD with a splash of — you know what's coming — millenial pink. For a more inspired lesson in making Parisian chic your own, we defer to Usha Bora, founder of Paris-meets-India lifestyle brand Jamini, which pops up this week in NYC. Ahead, Usha tells us about some of her creative inspirations, the moment she became Parisian, and the French-Indian flavor combo that tastes incredible on a baguette. Chai, anyone?

City you were born in:

In the wild—Assam, India.
City your heart belongs to:
Paris, mon amour.
City that fascinates you:
Shiny, busy Tokyo.
What does your first name mean?
Dawn — I was born at 4am & my folks decided that Dawn would be perfect!
How long you've been in Paris:
19 years & counting.
A piece of art that inspires you:
Botticelli at the Louisiana Museum of Art.
Your very first memory:
Trout fishing in Kashmir with my grandad.
"__________ helps stimulate my creativity."
Parisian style in three items:
Les Gauloises, millefeuille from La Patisserie des Rêves, sexy red lips.
Your personal style in 3 items:
Scandinavian clogs, Dorette jewelry by Catherine Lévy, embroidered jackets by Manish Arora.
The moment you became Parisian:
When I had my first seven-course, four-hour meal!
The three objects you'd save in a fire:
 My laptop, jewelry from my Mum's wedding that she handed down to me, my acoustic guitar.
How to turn a house into a home:
Fill it with music, delicious food, Diptyque candles and loads of friends.
An unexpectedly amazing color combination:
Khaki green and blush pink.
Your dream street in Paris:
La Rue Mouffetard. So quaint & full of the most interesting stores.
Your favorite ugly/pretty trend:
Hipster hair buns! 
The shoes you'd wear for the rest of your life:
Swedish Hasbeens.
The most photogenic spot in Paris:
Palais Royal.
Your two favorite smells in the world:
Iris from Santa Maria Novella & the smell of my daughter's skin.
The book that changed your life:
Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie
Jamini in a sentence:
The perfect mix of Parisian chic & Indian savoir faire.
A fictional character you'd love to represent Jamini:
Lisbeth Salander [from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo], hands down!
Complete this sentence: _________ is proof that karma exists.
"Here." Paris has survived bad times and come out more beautiful and strong.
Strange food combination that tastes amazing:
Fresh baguette with foie gras & spicy mango chutney.
Why you'd leave Paris:
Only if all the pâtisseries & fromageries disappeared.
Why you'll never leave Paris:
Paris has the most beautiful & intriguing museums - Musée de la Vie Romantique, Musée des Arts Décoratifs... will never leave as long as these places keep feeding my soul.
A Parisian habit you've adopted:
Sunday morning Journal du Dimanche, plus a buttery croissant & fresh orange juice in my neighborhood café.

The Jamini woman in...
A dessert: freshly baked raspberry tart with a basil sorbet.
A French word or phrase: Voyage de rêve.

Coucou New Yorkers! Shop the Jamini pop-up at 171 Elizabeth Street from TODAY (!) through May 14th. In Paris, you'll find two permanent locations at 10 Rue du Château d'Eau & 10 Rue Notre Dame de Lorette.
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