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Go French Yourself
Bedside Lamps Inspired by Belle Époque Paris

Bedside Lamps Inspired by Belle Époque Paris

Pros and Cons of Living in 1900s Paris: 
 Great parties. Lots of schmoozing with artists. Frou-frou skirts are acceptable daywear. 
Cons: Can't vote if you're a woman. Low life expectancy. No Uber.
Compromise: decorate your apartment like a Belle Époque courtesan's chambers, and bask in both nostalgic glamour and your super high-speed WiFi connection (win-win). We're crazy about French lighting company Vanity Boum and their refurbished vintage lamps, which look like they were plucked right out of a pre-war Parisian ballroom—or else off the Pont Alexandre III. Each piece is completely unique, which means that once it's gone, it's really gone. So go. Light up your life.

Vanity Boum ships to the US, the UK, and most of Europe, but if you don't find your country on the list, you can email to arrange an order.
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