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Charlotte Le Bon: A Surrealist for the Internet Age

Charlotte Le Bon: A Surrealist for the Internet Age

The French often mistake surrealist artist René Magritte for one of their fellow countrymen, but, alas — René was Belgian. We thought we had another shot with artist and actress Charlotte Le Bon, whose witty, oddball work, with all its floating food items and blotted-out human heads can't help but remind us of dear René. (Alas, Charlotte is Canadian.) She does live in Paris though. And if you do, too, you can catch her latest show Pickle Melancholia until the end of the week at Paris's Galerie ITEM, 49 Rue de Montparnasse.

If you don't, here are a few highlights from the show, along with a few other of Le Bon's best photos, art, and - this being the Internet Age - Instagrams.

Fame and Money, 2017 © Charlotte Le Bon (from Pickle Melancholia)

Douglas Kirkland's Marilyn Selfie, via Charlotte Le Bon's Instagram

Censor This, 2017 © Charlotte Le Bon, (from Pickle Melancholia)

Sushis, 2017, © Charlotte Le Bon, (from Pickle Melancholia)

I Miss Being Comfortable in the Void, 2017 © Charlotte Le Bon, (from Pickle Melancholia)

Favorite themes. via Charlotte Le Bon's Instagram

Heart-Headed Project, 2014, © Charlotte Le Bon

Version non-censurée, via Charlotte Le Bon's Instagram

Edgar D. Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut. via Charlotte Le Bon's Instagram

Catch Charlotte Le Bon's solo art show 'Pickle Melancholia' at the Galerie ITEM until this Saturday, October 14th, or follow her antics on Instagram here
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